Hide DJ information doesn't hide all of the information

We have our spins coming in from our web stream. It is logging automation/stream spins into playlists attributed to my persona.

  1. How can I set Spinitron to hide DJ information on these automatic playlists?
  2. Even if I go back in manually and hide DJ information, it takes my name away from the playlist, but my photo still appears. I’d like all information to be hidden.
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  1. Would appear to be a bug. I’ll add it to the tracker.

How to hide the DJ? It depends.

First can you elaborate, “We have our spins coming in from our web stream”? Is it that spins are sent to Spinitron by automation? Of so, are all spins entered into playlists this way? And are some playlists created by DJs or are all created by Spinitron in response to automation?

To make Spinitron automatically set an automation playlist’s Hide DJ checkbox when it creates the playlist, you need to set up your schedule so that Spinitron will choose a show with its Hide DJ checkbox checked. The last section on the automation help page has all the tech details.

Idk if this is suitable for your operations but if you uncheck “Use any scheduled show as template for an automation playlist” checkbox on the automation control panel then Spinitron will

  1. only consider shows owned by the automation persona when it creates an automation playlist, and
  2. assign the automation persona as owner of the playlist.

So you can set up a persona specifically for automation (DJ names involving Otto are
popular) with a profile that achieves the web appearance that you want.

You can also apply CSS tricks to hide things. But we’d need to look at your case to see if it might work.

We can think about providing other ways to automatically force the Hide DJ checkbox, e.g. in the API and compat API or optionally on all automation playlists. (But, as always, new features add unjustified marginal complexity if we can reasonably do what you need with existing features.)

Hi Tim, can you confirm if 1. is corrected now?