Handling shows with more than one DJ

We have a few shows that have multiple DJs on the air at the same time. Let’s say DJ A and DJ B. They do the show together. When the show is logged, only one DJ is recognized for the spins. But is it possible to have both of the DJs show the playlist under their DJ page? For example if someone navigates to DJ B’s page I’d like the visitor to see that DJ B played the same songs as they participated in the show, even though DJ A was the one physically logged in to Spinitron entering the spins.

While shows can be associated with multiple DJs, playlists are always owned by exactly one.

A DJ profile in Spinitron is also known as a persona. A user (i.e. a login identity) can have multiple personas. A user’s personas can be at different stations but don’t need to be. So, for example, a user can have multiple distinct personas at your station, e.g. one a bluegrass-lovin’ hillbilly and another as goth.

This may suffice for the current purpose. One of the users creates an additional persona and gives it a DJ name representing both people.