Godaddy website builder and calendar integration

Has anyone found a successful way to integrate the calendar into a godaddy website via builder?

Tried inserting custom code, but sizing is all wrong and my coding skills are weak at best.

Hi Mark. Sorry, I have never used it. I’m just here to say hi and thank you for joining the forum. I’ll try to be more useful next time :P

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This is how it looks without the forced height

with the forced height.

Any ideals on how to make it fit?

Can I view this on a web page? That way I can examine the markup and styles.

I have it parked there for now Thanks Tom

Does the Website Builder allow you to set the width and height of the <iframe>? I edited them in the developer tools and got the widget to fit.

they only allow the height to be changed.

I changed the width to 900 and that helped!

Changing the height in the godaddy section just makes the box that the schedule fit in bigger, not the actual calendar

The trouble with iframes is that you have to set a fixed height for them. All of the public pages from have a variable height except for the calendar. So you could try adjusting the iframe width and height using trial and error to best fir the schedule and then let the other pages do what they are going to to in that space. If the page is smaller then there will be blank space at the bottom. If it is larger then there will be a scroll bar.

It’s inevitable with iframes. You have to choose a size and it’s often going to be a compromise.

That worked perfectly Tom! Thanks for the help!

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