Force metadata discovery when field is missing from automation

Our automation system does not reliably transmit the correct album information. It is either missing or incorrect in the system. I am wondering if we can somehow enable Spinitron to lookup the album name and place that instead for our automation spins?

You can’t look up the album given only artist and song. All you can do is search and then you have to deal with multiple matches. Such a search needs to be interactive, like autocomplete in the spin entry form and Did you mean? search.

Automatic music recognition might help. In that case you disable the connection between your PlayIt Live and Spinitron and rely on the recognition. It costs $19/month extra. A lot of stations really like it.

OK thanks Tom. I have also noted that album artwork is not being displayed on our playlists anymore (last week or so). I do have “Enable cover art on public pages” enabled in Display Options.

When was cover art showing up at all? I found only three playlists with cover art and two of them were tests with just one spin.

Automation spins don’t have cover art unless the automation system sends Spinitron the URL to the art, which, so far, is none of them. And we cannot fill in cover art on our end (well, we could try if we had artist, song and album but it would still be unreliable).

You can have cover art with either interactive playlist entry (i.e. DJs entering playlists) or using recognition.

That makes sense, thank you

Another potential option is to run your music library through MusicBrainz Picard, which is an open source software project that can analyze your music, identify it and add the proper metadata tags needed for an automated system (we use MegaSeg) to report it to Spinitron.

I’ll give that a try, thank you.

Hi John. Welcome to the forum.

Picard is one option. I found it rather labor intensive.

I have used beets with success. It’s powerful and can run unattended a bit more. It can use both Musicbrainz and Discogs for reference, which greatly improves hit rate on my collection. Otoh, it’s a command line app and many people won’t be comfortable with that.

Thanks, Tom, I appreciate the work you do.

I’ll give beets a shot, I’m comfortable with a command line interface. I found Picard covered ~90% of our songs, but that still left maybe a thousand or so I had to look up through Discogs.

We’re considering using automatic music recognition since it would make it easier for the live DJ shows. How does that work, do we send a stream to Spinitron?

You give us your stream URL, we configure the system to connect to it.