Finding a lost track wiped from the KTUH Site, on Date 11-23-2018

Hi guys of spinitron. I am here trying to find a track that I liked hearing on the Station 90.1 KTUH. I tried reaching out to KTUH if they still remembered what the track name was but they said they wiped out that spinitron playlist. But I know for a fact that you still have it archived on your site otherwise I would scramble to other sites first trying to find it. I know for a fact it aired around my thanksgiving break, november 22-28, 2018 and that the track that preceded the one I am about to describe to you was “He Lives In You” from the lion king musical version The Lion King Broadway Soundtrack - 18. He Lives In You (Reprise) - YouTube. Now for the track that I am looking for. It starts out like some of the trance classics normally do, a meditative synth pad loop in the key of B Minor, with subtle small cuts of drum and bass jungle drums. Then after a while, it goes into a trance-techno bohemian drop. Thats all I know because my parents were annoyed by my dancing and changed the channel. If y’all know the name of the track let me know.