Exporting Spin Search With Show Name

Hello! Wanted to start out by saying thanks for maintaining this service, it’s very useful and helps me maintain our radio station.

Anyways, I’m finding some weird features about the search feature and its export function, which I’m not sure are intentional or not. Basically, when you search for past spins, the returned table has a field for “Show” which displays the name of the show the spin was played on. Except, when we go into the export function, we are not given any options regarding shows. We are allowed to export by playlist name, which most times matches up with show name, except for when the playlist is titled after an episode. Is there a chance we could have an option on export to add show names to the csv? This would be very helpful for my analysis.

Thank you for you time, Sean

Hi @wmucIT, thanks for joining the forum.

It would require software development to add this feature. I’m unsure how many users would find it valuable. Maybe they can reply to this topic.