Exporting non-music items

The recent update to include the non-music items in rebroadcasts has been working very smoothly, but all non-music info is kind of locked in the playlists, unable to be exported. At present, when exporting a program it will only list the music playlist items.

So, is there a way to export non-music items with the music playlist other than copy-pasting the listings? While we don’t regularly need this info, for certain reports we absolutely do, and it’s a tedious task to get it otherwise. It would be really timesaving to have this option available with exports.

At present the software doesn’t have features for that. It is on the todo list.

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Is there a way to search/ chart non-music items? We would like to use the non-music items to chart our PSAs

Hi Will, thanks for joining the forum.

Sorry, no, there isn’t a feature for that.