Edit Icon in playlist malfunction

The edit icon in an open playlist when clicked should put the entry up in the top form. It didn’t work starting on 5/9/20. I have admin user access.

We are also having the same issue and I have admin access as well. Started on May 9th in the morning and as of now is still happening.

Hi @Dominique_Johnson and @AndreaB. Thanks for joining the forum.

On Saturday we deployed some updates to other things. Turns out we also introduced an error that broke the edit (pencil icon) button. Managers call this called a “regression”, a fancy word for breaking something that used to work. Several people reported the breakage to us. Here’s the issue tracker item.

We fixed that bug and deployed the fix on Monday. A number of people confirmed that the problem was resolved. I checked myself just now (Friday) that it is working.

Dunno why but I didn’t get the email notification that you posted a message here until 25 minutes ago even though both posts are from Monday afternoon. Hence my delay responding.

I think we can wrap this one up now, unless I hear otherwise.

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