Duplicate shows

I’m editing the calendar and I click on a show. Spinitron tells me that there are two possible duplicates shows, and it’s right. The three shows should actually all be the same show. Now it turns out that this show is hosted by whoever is the visiting prof in the Spanish Department in any given year. So it’s the same show, but the djs change. How do I handle this? Specifically:

  1. How do I merge these duplicate shows?
  2. How do I not show 15 years of djs in this semester’s show? Thanks in advance, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan, thanks for joining the forum.

Merging the three shows means collecting all their past playlists on only one of them and then deleting the two shows that, after that procedure, have no playlists. The reason you might want to do that is so that only one web page lists all the past playlists of that show, as made by all the past DJs who did the show. If that’s not what you want then ignore the notice about possible duplicates and keep doing what you’re doing.

Spinitron is designed to allow you to organize this as you choose. Your points 1. and 2. seem at odds given what merging the shows will accomplish, like I described. So, how do you want to play it? If you like you can call me and I’ll talk you through the options while we look at some web pages.