Downloading playlist titles and dates only

Hello all,

I need to download just the playlist download the playlist titles and their dates periodically.

I was able to do it today with a lot of work:

  • Spinitron could not handle 15 months or so. So I had to do it in three batches.
  • It had all the playlist names and dates many times (I call this unduplicated data.)

Has anyone on the forum found a way of downloading them for longer periods in an unduplicated set?


At the top of the playlist is an export/email link (right below the “Edit Playlist” button). Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can specify which fields you want to download, the format, how you would like the data delivered, etc. Very handy and should do exactly what you’re looking to do.

Good luck, Steve

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Hello Steve,

I need to download the following, not an individual playlist:

[In case the image does not show, please look here: ]

You should be able to copy-paste from the HTML table displayed into a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, then its easy to delete the stuff you don’t need.

Copy-pasting from table data from HTML to other programs has worked on Windows and Mac for a while now and can be very handy.

Hello Tom,

Yes, I can. However, I am looking at 10 pages to go through. I don’t mind doing it once, but I will do this every week.


Forgot to mention: I downloaded the lengthy list with repeats. Then eliminated the duplicates with a command in Google Sheets. (Excel has a similar command.)

Less time than copying and pasting, but still long…