Downloading Archieved Programs

Hello Tom/Team,

Is there already a way to ‘Download’ programs which are within the ‘2-wk playable’ guideline? If not, would it be possible for you to institute same?

I’ve read some posts indicating there may be ‘legal restrictions’ to doing so, but if that is indeed true, how is it broadcast from ‘Foothill College’ in Los Altos, CA has allowed same for many years🤔

Always enjoy listening to ‘Archived Programs’ from my favorite local station ‘KKUP’ and greatly appreciate you/team making that possible😊

Sincerely, 65_T-Bird

Hi Rich, thanks for joining the forum. I’m glad you’re enjoying the archive.

Downloading means you are making a copy and means that we would be distributing that copy. This is not permitted under the statutory webcasting license that our clients use for their archives. So if the downloaded program contains any music, you’ll need a direct license (or waiver) for that music to make the copy.

I can’t explain the options provided by other services. You’d have to ask them. Although not specifically about downloading, this article discusses how different entities have different liabilities. I hope you find it interesting.

Hi Tom,

Greatly appreciate you responding ‘so quickly’ and apologize for not reciprocating😟

Expected your conclusion/confirmation about the ‘legalities’ of not being able to allow/provide ‘Downloads’ of broadcasts/programs. Imagine KFJC doing so may have something to do with them being a 'college station’:thinking:

Thanks again for the ‘great service’ you and your team provide, as well as always answering our questions😊

Sincerely, 65_T-Bird