Does Spinitron support SOCAN and CRTC log formats?

To the best of our understanding* the answer is yes. A station can configure Spinitron to record the required information about music played and can export it in a suitable format.

* These weasel words are because we do not have a copy of the specification of either SOCAN and CRTC log formats. I’d be glad to revise this answer with more detail if I had that information.

Hi Tom, below is what SOCAN asks for logging. I think Spinitron captures most of this, would it be possible to add playlist fields for ‘theme’ and ‘background’ and make this an automated report?

  • Date of broadcast
  • Time of Broadcast (not mandatory). If available and can be easily provided, please do so. If not, please provide the starting time and ending time of your program.
  • The complete and full title of each work broadcast
  • Performer name(s)
  • Composer name(s) (not mandatory). If available and can be easily provided, please do so as it will help to identify the correct member to get paid.
  • Indicate under usage if the song is used as a theme (t) or as background (b) If song is used as foreground or feature, then leave the field blank
  • Duration of the theme/background.
  • Please indicate any non-musical time slots such as talk shows or sports broadcasts.
  • For syndicated or simulcast programs, please include the songs aired in your report.

Hi Robert. Regarding usage theme or background: this happens so seldom in a SOCAN reporting period (at least for us) that I just note it in manually, at the same time as I note shows that have no music.

Hi @Robert_Schmidt, thanks for joining the forum.

Let’s separate the question into two parts

  1. Spinitron can keep all this information in its database.

    You will need to set up the playlist form fields to represent foreground/background/feature (e.g. input type = select, mandatory) and Duration of the theme/background (e.g. input type = text). You should review the other available fields too, disabling what you don’t need, changing field names to your needs, etc.

    The image below is a form setup intended to give you the idea. Below it is an excerpt from a video that might help explain configs.

  2. Producing reports in SOCAN format. Idk for sure but probably you can do it using Report: Search & Chart, create a report for a given date range and export it. The export process allows you to customize what fields to export among other things. To be sure that this meets all your and SOCAN’s needs, you should test. We happy to help in this process and then after that we can update this FAQ with a more confident answer and instructions.