DJs with user accounts at multiple radio stations

Something has changed recently in the login procedure. I am reporting this for a DJ who was confounded when he couldn’t log in to our radio station today.

We both work at station “Z”. This DJ logged in as usual, but Spinitron displayed the playlists for another station (call it “M”) that he has not worked at for over 10 years. He gave me his password, and I logged in to his account. I could see that he used the same email address at both stations. For some reason, when logging in with this email address, Spinitron now defaults to the old station “M”, instead of the current one, “Z”.

I eventually figured out that if he goes to his user profile, he can switch to his “Z” account. But he would have to do this every time he logs in. That’s a little too much for this technically-challenged DJ. Shouldn’t one’s login default to the radio station where one recently did a show?

I tried to solve this by asking for another email address. Using my admin privileges, I put email address #2 in his user profile for radio station “Z”. Then he tried to log in, but Spinitron defaulted to a third radio station (call it “B”), where he last did a show over 12 years ago.

Now he has run out of email addresses to use, and I said “let’s just report this issue and see if they can fix it.” In the meantime, I will write out the instructions he must follow to find his user profile and switch it to the current radio station every time he logs in.

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Spinitron remembers the persona and station you were last logged in to and on your next sign-in with your password it chooses that. I don’t know why this DJ switched personas before logging out. Perhaps the DJ clicked or touched the other persona by mistake and noticing and then proceeded to log out.

I wouldn’t try to “solve” this by using multiple email addresses. The purpose of the persona complication in Spinitron is to avoid that. But you have the option.

If the DJ doesn’t need access to station M any more then perhaps the DJ could ask an admin there to disable the persona.

We found out that changing the email address does not help. If I change the email address on his user profile for station “Z”, the address is automatically changed for station “M” as well. You have clarified that there is exactly one “persona” per email address. And we can’t separate it into two personas.

I have written out the instruction for switching his profile from station “M” to station “Z” for next time this happens, so he’ll get the desired playlist view for station “Z” (he will never remember on his own–software navigation is not intuitive for him.)

I suggested he talk to the admins the radio stations where he used to work to have his login accounts disabled there.

Issue resolved!

On the contrary, one email address may have multiple personas. Thus with one login email and password you have access to multiple stations and multiple DJ profiles.

I guess I didn’t understand the concept of “a persona.”

Since most users don’t need multiple personas, we don’t make a big thing about it but the enough do so it’s there for them. A DJ might need multiple personas at one station in order, for example, to separate the presentation of their children’s show from their serious music show. Or a person might want to keep their admin persona separate from their deejaying. Or a person might be active at more than one station. For all of these situations we allow users to create additional personas under their existing email/password logins. The same feature can be used for a person to move stations while keeping email/password but in this case an admin at the old station should disable that person’s persona, but for obvious reasons this kind of tidying up is often not done.