Discord throwing me HTTP 411 errors

Hey there, I’m trying to use the metadata push channel to send now-playing information to a Discord channel thru the webhooks function. It’s throwing me this error code:

{"spin_id":366342845,"error":"HTTP status code 411 (Length Required)","curl":"curl 'https:\/\/discord.com\/api\/webhooks\/1177085833350742016\/8n-HeT8NNi9svCejlPjluXf0KHCjS6lHMpBJB4RBL4FKbIy2B-c415ZuuBLb020HUPk4&title=New%20Joy&artist=Slauson%20Malone%201&album=EXCELSIOR&time=10%3A49pm&station=WRAS-HD-2%20Atlanta%2088.5%20FM&length=3%3A16' -A 'Mozilla\/5.0 WRAS music metadata via http:\/\/spinitron.com' -H 'Content-Type: application\/x-www-form-urlencoded' -X POST","body":"\n<html><head>\n<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text\/html;charset=utf-8">\n<title>411 Length Required<\/title>\n<\/head>\n<body text=#000000 bgcolor=#ffffff>\n<h1>Error: Length Required<\/h1>\n<h2>POST requests require a <code>Content-length<\/code> header.<\/h2>\n<h2><\/h2>\n<script>(function(){var js..."}

any thoughts? very new to this, apologies if this is a major newb question. is there a simple way to have the push include a content-length header? some googling said that 411 errors come back when a server doesn’t like that it doesn’t know the content length up front.


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Hi @bluetannery thanks for joining the forum.

An error like that can sometimes be caused by some other formatting issue in the HTTP request. I can take a look at the push channel and see if I can see a problem if you tell me the station involved. Feel free to email me or use a DM if you prefer.