Disappearing playlists

A couple of the DJs here at KBRP have complained to me that they enter their spins info into their playlist on Spinitron but then they either disappear mid-entry or they are not found when browsing the playlists. I haven’t had thjis problem myself so details are sketchy but I’m apparently the IT guy for the DJs. Anyone seen anything like this happen or have any idea what they may be doing to cause it? We’re operating on a Mac Mini running Monterey (12.2.1) with anApple M1 chip and 16 GB of memory. Thanks for any help which may come.

Hi @DJStevieRay ,

That is very odd. I can’t imagine what’s going on there. Is perhaps someone else deleting those playlists? An admin or editor user logged in elsewhere has the power to do that.

Thanks, Tom. Yes it is indeed, very odd. I doubt that an administrator is deleting the playlists just because I know the few admins we have and trust them all to not do that, even inadvertently. In one case, I was i the studio when the DJ was doing her show and suddenly heard her cry out that her playlist, which she had been making entries into, suddenly disappeared. In another case, a DJ said that she’d finished her playlist and then went into Browse Playlists to see it and it wasn’t listed. When she went back to her playlist entry screen, it was blank. I don’t know how much credence to give these complaints as both of these users seem to have computer issues that no one else has. But I thought I’d at least ask in case these sorts of things had been reported before.

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