Disabling ARKplayer for specific Program

Is it possible to disable the ArkPlayer or remove Ark play from a program page. I have been reminded again how we are on contract not to provide a particular news program as archive. I’ve deleted current archives and turned off plus disabled auto recognition. but…I don’t think that’ll just do it.

Can we remove ark player from that particular program page? Assuming this might be something our web development support could adjust on webpage?

Please direct to some info. Searching ARk Player Widget links thanks G

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At present we don’t have a feature for that. You can turn the archive on or off and that’s all the control available.

I am working on a new version of the archive that will meet this requirement and should allow continuous listening on mobile. I don’t know how long it will take.


This feature has now been implemented.

If you are using our archive then you should now see this checkbox in your create/edit show forms


Only admin users are allowed to change the checkbox value.

When checked, corresponding archive recordings (which normally are each 5 minutes long) are deleted. The result should be that from now on archive listeners cannot listen to the archive of your webcast for the duration of all epsiodes of shows with this checkbox checked.

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Thanks Tom! We needed this.

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Thank you so much Tom! appreciate the additional selection. G

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Can y’all confirm if this works properly for you? My testing was limited.