Data Breach or Compromise?

When I went to log into Spinitron today, I got a message saying that there had been a data breach or compromise? I don’t remember the specific message. I changed my pw. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced something similar.


I don’t believe that message came from Spinitron. It doesn’t have a feature to do that.

It could have come from your browser, or from a browser add on, or from some security app in your network (a proxy, for example), or it could come from something malicious like a virus, or a browser attack, or a network trick. There are problems in the public key infrastructure that authenticates HTTPS certificates, that could lead to the browser saying that the server is not trusted.

Can you replicate it? If so, I’d be grateful for a detailed description.

Anyone else?

Hi Tom,
The only problem I’ve had recently related to log in is the process appearing to hang (constant spinning wheel) after entering credentials and pressing go. It has actually logged me in but it doesn’t advance the page until I try to go back to start again. Then it carries on as usual. I assume congestion…