Custom checbox field labels used in the spin-entry form should be used in the table too

Hi Tom. Any progress on the issue I brought up on the phone awhile ago?
To re-cap: In the form layout there are several lines that can be custom labeled. Request and V/A are the ones I have tried to use. In the bottom part of the playlist entry page the V/A still shows up instead of the custom label. I have turned off Request and the R still shows up which may be a related problem?
The custom label shows up in the top entry area but fixing errors/omissions would be easier if the clickable V/A related more to what the custom label is.
I think that made sense…

Hi @Arbie, it seems I forgot about this issue before entering it as a bug in the issue tracker. Thanks for reminding me. I did it now and you can check it out with the link below.

Btw, going forwards we want users to report potential bugs here on the forum rather than in the Bitbucket issue tracker. We will move issues there after triage. But the issue tracker will remain public so you can check status.