Curl errors with pushing metadata to an secure icecast server?

Hey there - I’m setting up a new encoder and this one is sending to a secure icecast server. Setting up the metadata push link, though, is generating errors similar to:

      "error": "Unable to complete SSL/TLS handshake: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed",
  "curl": "curl '' -A 'Mozilla/5.0 WORT music metadata via' -H 'Host:'"

Looks like the error is caused by curl not recognizing my CA cert. I’m guessing that this might be caused by the weird method icecast insists for generating its .pem file. Or could it be that this is because it is a wildcard cert for all our domain servers/functions? Any suggestions?
Is it possible to tell curl not to peer check in from the metadata push channel template? Thanks!