Creating shows with non-hour durations at non-hour marks


We recently started using Spinitron at our station, and we’re having trouble creating shows that aren’t in hour multiples, and don’t start on the hour. For example, creating a show with a duration of 30 minutes, or a duration of 90 minutes. Or creating a show that starts at half-past the hour rather than the exact hour.

I found this show at another station that starts at 11:15PM – when I try to do something similar, I get “Your schedule is invalid”.

Similarly, here’s a show that goes from 12 to 12:30. When I try to do something similar, I get the error “Duration (minutes) must be no less than 60.”. A duration of 90 minutes gives “Duration (minutes) must be a multiple of 60 minutes”.

How can I resolve these issues, especially when other stations are able to?

Thanks, Cassidy

ok, so I figured out how to get shows of 30 minutes, by going to my station settings > Display > Minimum time-slot for a show, and changing that from one hour. This actually allowed me to schedule shows on half hours, too!

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Yes, that’s the thing!