Creating (and then finding) one off shows

After all this time I still have problems with one-off shows: I created a show well before its intended start time and started the log making some non-music talk notations. And I went away and did something else until the show started. When I went into the schedule the one-off had not overwritten the regular shows. I found it by going to the public page and clicking into it from the public schedule. I also checked the Radio Rethink player and it was still listing the regular shows. Does the whole thing just take awhile to propagate through the system or am I just confused about the way it’s meant to work. I thought it might be because I hadn’t entered an actual music track so I did but that didn’t seem to make a difference. So the net result is that the only time a listener can see the correct listing is if they go to spinitron dot com/chly for the playlist and from there click calendar to see how long the show is.