Created a recurring show but not showing on the calendar

set up a show on 2 different day of the week and different times but it is not showing up ion the schedule

Hi bbts915. Welcome to the forum and thanks for participating.

To check what’s going on I need either the link/URL to your show’s public page or the station name and the show title.
KEEP DEMOCRACY ALIVE this is one show
i do have some other questions

Hi @bbts915, I can see both “Keep Democracy Alive” shows in the schedule, one at 5am on Monday morning and the other at midnight Mon-Tue.

Btw, you do not need two separate shows. You can add two time slots to one show. If you have two shows then each has a public page with its own URL and its own set of playlists. If you want to keep all the playlists together under one pane/URL then you can delete one of these shows and add its time slot to the other.

okay I understand. When I set up as one, it does not reflect that in the schedule. The midnight show is the only one that shows

You need to set the start date of that schedule of the show to Feb 17 or earlier.

Click the cog icon in the schedule to get the extra options including schedule start and end dates.

okay i remember seeing that

that work thank you.

two more questions - how can I setup the color for the background in the calendar and for each category?

Both are accomplished using CSS style rules that you can save in Spinitron in Admin: Station settings: Web customization: Stylesheet.

For more details see

okay I will look it up. Thank you for your help.