Converting from old querystring URL to new URL

Hi there, I haven’t posted a playlist in almost ten years, since I graduated from college. This is my DJ page, which has links to everything I posted back then:

In various places, and in particular in links, I had links to the playlists of all my old shows. For example: short link went to

I see now that these old querystring links are broken, replaced with much better and more permanent-looking links. Specifically for this case, the new URL would be

Is there any sort of URL redirection I’m missing to send old links to the new place? Is there any way to batch-retrieve the URLs? I was only able to find this one by sitting on the Enter key for a minute or so, moving the WBRS calendar back a week at a time to find the era when I was in the air, then clicked around to find my page, and from there to see the new URLs.

I’m guessing there is none, but doesn’t hurt to check.

Hi @gidklio Welcome back to Spinitron!

The old URLs don’t forward to the new. Sorry.

If you need a shorter URL you can omit the last descriptive part of the URL. For example


forwards to


If it needs to be shorter than that, I’m curious as to why.

I discourage using URL obfuscation tools like I understand they can be useful in some situations (I occasionally use them) but people (including me) are suspicious of clicking them and with good reason. Not just people: they are sometimes blocked by security systems on corporate networks. Makes sense. The web is a dangerous place.