Changing Show length without having to create new duplicate

How do you change the show length for the same show beginning in two weeks in the future by using the “add another time slot” feature without messing the show’s current length or having to create a new show [duplicate] - thereby losing the playlist history?

How to represent in Spinitron an upcoming programming change in which a show will move to a new time-slot and change duration?

In Spinitron’s schema, duration is a property of the show, not of the time-slots you attach to the show, so it’s a bit clunky, I’m afraid :(

The simplest option is to wait until the last episode in the old timeslot goes on air and then change its timeslot and duration. But maybe we can do better.

You can schedule the time-slot change in advance by setting the end date to the current time-slot and add a new time-slot with a future start date. Then later during the interim between the old and new time-slots, the duration.

Or you can advance schedule the time-slot change in the same way, change the show duration at the same time, and create one or two post-dated playlists with the Display as a future public playlist checkbox checked. That makes the playlists appear in your advance public calendar where they take priority over scheduled shows.

Take care that the playlists belong to the appropriate show and DJ and have the right date and time. Then the DJ should try and remember to use those playlists to put their spins in, failing which you can just delete the playlist(s) with no spins.

Thanks for the detailed response. I thought of you first suggestion. Maybe since, if I’m correct, spins follow the dj and in the few cases I’m dealing with, it’s the same dj, then those spins will show up on their new show [with the same name].

Idk what you mean with “spins follow the dj”. Is your station using automatic music recognition? Or do DJs enter spins into Spinitron? Or something else?

You’re right, I was misstaken, spins follow the dj on their spinitron dj profile, but they do not automatically follow the dj to a different show. For shows with a new spinitron id # it will be a reset. But as I was typing this, I just realized that I can apply previous spins from the duplicate [previous show] to a the new show, so problem solved.

Sorry and thanks for the feedback!!