Change Archive link on Playlist page to HTTPS

Once a show has aired, there’s an Archive link on the playlist page (example: )
That archive link is HTTP, but it needs to be HTTPS to work with Chrome and other browsers when loaded via iframe into a page. How can we get the archive link to use HTTPS instead of HTTP?


That’s custom code that we added to Spinitron just for WMFO. So to fix it I think we need to modify that code. Feel free to ping us again on this thread if we don’t get to it.

Btw, is the software that saves the audio to files and that serves audio as streams available for other stations to use?

Can you give me a timeframe for making the change? It’s just adding one letter :wink:

I will get back to you regarding the archiving software.

Yeah, @Ray_Charbonneau, just one letter. But which one? That’s the tough one. Anyway, it’s done.

I’d love to be able to make a docker of the WMFO archiver/server that other stations could use.

As far as the archive server goes, send me an email address and I’ll see if I can find someone who can answer that. It’s tough right now, since the campus is closed.
ray at y 42 k dot com

I am Tom Worster

Found this and looks interesting but haven’t read it carefully or tested yet… Nicholas Andre is the repos only contributor.

I’ll pass this along. Thanks again.