Categories on schedule persist after deletion

We were playing around with the idea of using categories for our programs (Jazz, Morning, etc.) and decided against it in the end. We deleted the categories from our admin and throughout our schedule (only affected 2 shows). But these categories persist in our schedule - please see: How do we delete this?

I have noticed that my deletions and changes can take hours or even days to take effect.

Hi @Dominique_Johnson, I’m not 100% sure but I guess you’d have to remove the categories from the two shows that have assigned categories. It looks like a bug to me.

Hi @Mark, Spinitron doesn’t use a lot of caching so if you’re having problems with changes not taking effect, please report the specifics so we can investigate.

Hi @tom. I have removed them (categories globally and on the individual shows with asigned categories) months ago and they are still there. It is definitely a bug. What is the resolution?

The resolution is to fix the bug. But that’s the same as resolving it so saying so doesn’t add much to the conversation.

I identified the bug in the code but haven’t chosen how to fix it yet. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

@Dominique_Johnson I deployed a fix for this.

Can you try this please? Edit each of those two shows and clock Save in the form. That should now clear the category from the show (this is what wasn’t working). With those cleared, the public calendar display should resolve.

It resolved! Thanks so much for fixing the bug, @tom. Really appreciate it.

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