Can I create a show/playlists without putting it on a schedule

Our community station has a number of fill-in programmers who don’t have regular shows but do use a show hame whenever they are on. For instance, one programmer calls his show “Record Scratch,” and he uses that title when he does fill-ins, whatever the day and time might be.

Is there a way to create a show for him without giving it a fixed place on the schedule?

Thanks, Valerie Richardson

Program Director WPKN-FM, Bridgeport, Connecticut “The Greatest Radio Station in the World” The New Yorker

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Yes there is. To create a playlist for an unscheduled program:

  1. Go to Playlist
  2. Select “New”
  3. On the New Playlist page, click on “blank playlist.”

Bonus: IF you want that unscheduled playlist (or at least the title of the unscheduled show) to display in your schedule grid IN ADVANCE, create that playlist in advance and check the “display as a future public playlist” option – note: it won’t display unless you enter at least ONE item in the actual playlist (so if the person doesn’t yet have a playlist, I often just enter the name of the DJ as “artist” the name of the show as “title” and the name of our station as “release” and “label” and give that track a duration of 1 minute. (again this is solely to FORCE the title of the unscheduled show to show up on your publicly displayed calendar in advance)


This is wonderfully helpful. Thanks!