Bulk User Adding

Each broadcasting term (fall, spring, summer) we add 60-80 new DJs. Currently it is a bit tedious to manually copy and paste each of their names, DJ names, and emails to the Add Users page. It might be nice if we could import a CSV or copy and paste one (much like how the import playlist feature works) where all emails go under one column, names the other, etc.

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Dealing with this once more. @tom is this something that could potentially be done with the API? Is there anywhere we could potentially add it to the API and submit a PR?

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Hi @wbor

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The API doesn’t support user creation. The add user’s form can do 10 at a time.

Part of the difficulty is validating bulk data. If one or more field is off in a CSV file we need a way of handling that and helping the user correct it. With a 10-at-a-time form this is just about feasible.

Another concern with bulk data entry is how to handle the situations when the data validates and the process completes and then the user notices that something went wrong, e.g. column mapping, and needs to redo the whole thing.

Adding users is much a more complex operation than inserting playlists and spins, owing to the relations between personas/stations/users/passwords. If column mapping goes wrong in playlist import, it’s ok: delete the playlist and do the import over. Undoing user/persona creation is not at all simple.

Since Spinitron is not open source software, you don’t be able to submit a PR. But thanks for the offer.

No worries. I’ve written a script that more or less gets the job done in the meantime – hopefully it is of some use to other stations!