Bring Back Search All Playlists

On the last version of spinitron, our website had two links on the front page



The search all playlist function was one of the most popular functions on our whole entire website.

I get that people can go to the calendar and search individual playlists to see who played what.

I get that you are trying to monetize the search function for industry folks to pay for harvesting all the data.

But there has to be a way for a casual listener to put in a song or artist or album and say “I wonder who played Beatles today?”

Or for our 70 programmers to search and say “I wonder if anyone else played the Beatles today?”

Honestly, I am fielding complaints daily from our listeners and I would like to serve them to a higher degree of satisfaction.

In fact, Mike W just wrote to say “I really dug that search function—being able to search a date range, or an entire month was helpful. I am probably not telling you anything you don’t know, but you know, I would remember that I heard a song by some artist like a week ago and I would search it, and like five instances of that song would come up, but I could look at my schedule that I work that week and I would know when I was able to listen to the radio and usually able to narrow it down and find the exact song and show. Anyway, I appreciate you working on the situation and just know that at least one of your members loved that search ability. Thanks! Mike”

@tom sounds as a feature we should add to public pages considering that the functionality is already there for “Search & chart”

Hi @Amanda_Shauger,

Thanks for the question. We’re gonna have to explain ourselves sooner or later. I’m not sure we can satisfy everyone but we can certainly satisfy some of them.

There is: and click column headings to sort.

Your staff have a powerful Search & Chart feature. Below is an example of searching for Beatles spins in the last month. You can also search for releases, artists and labels. You can filter in the column headings and there are advanced filters for other fields. Any set of search results can be converted into a chart.

No longer available via Spinitron’s web site is a free search of each station’s spins over the whole of the past month. (I’ll explain our reasons in another post.)

But you can implement this feature for KXCI on your web site. It might not be hard to set up. For example I have seen used in lots of places. And it’s free for noncoms. There are surely others.

Or you can implement search using data from Spinitron’s API.

@djagya Hello and thanks for joining the forum.

The reasons why we don’t offer this feature are commercial rather than technical.

I’ll elaborate the story soon. I have to do some other things first.