BMI Quarterly Reports

We have to submit quarterly reports to BMI of music played. In version 1 of Spinitron, I was able to export a monthly report that indicated Artist, Song Title, Album Title, and Label. I then would compile the 3 months into one spreadsheet to upload to the BMI reporting site.
I’m looking at the current reporting tab and I don’t see an option that would create a monthly report. Am I missing something?


First generate the report

  • Go to Report: Search & Chart
  • Search for: Spins
  • Date range: 1 Months ending [whatever you need]
  • Click: blue Search button

If the data looks about right

  • Click: Export/email (top right above the table of data)

Then, on the export page

  • Format: whatever BMI wants, probably Excel, CSV or TSV
  • Delivery: Download a file (try other deliver methods if you like)
  • Check the fields BMI want and uncheck the rest
  • Click green Create file button

Then you can download the file, open it, or get a link to the file that you can share.

Thanks! Most helpful and a much more efficient way to create a spreadsheet!

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