Batch change info

We’re facing an issue at present where we are compiling a report that requests the language of lyrics. We have always had a custom drop-down menu item with language options though, so the information for it exists in a sense: since the vast majority of music played on our station is with English lyrics, we have English set as the default language via the title --essentially, it says “English” instead of “Choose one” so that users would only need to adjust it if they played something with non-English lyrics.

We have now learned that we need to report all English language lyrics with a code. However, having English as the title instead of an option, nothing is displayed. So, my question is whether it’s possible to either: a) force the title to be displayed so that the title ‘English’ appears with all music. b) batch update playlists within a given time and with that criteria to reflect the language.

Is there an alternative to going in and updating individually, or exporting it and changing it externally?

Hi Sean,

Given that you need to export the report in any case I think the simple solution is to fix it at that point. It should be a simple thing to replace the empty strings in that column with the string “English”.

Yes, agreed. We will need to also copy out all spoken word as well, which will involve going to the individual page of each playlist during the reporting period, so if the details were already there and able to be applied retroactively to all previous items at once, it would have been one step less.