Bannning Chat Users for more than a month, or permanently

Hey! We want to know how an administrator can ban a chat user for longer than a month. Someone was untoward today and we learned it wasn’t his first time of being inappropriate. I think a few more of our djs will now use manual approval instead of automatic. But, is there a way for us to ban a user permanently? I realize they could create or use other logins.



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Spinitron doesn’t have a feature for that and it’s been requested before you only once. The idea was that if someone is really going to insist on be a pest, coming back every month for a new ban, then bans aren’t likely to cut it anyway because the person can always make another login. The bans aren’t actually on a person, they are on a login. But if you want a certain login banned until the end of the century then contact me by email and I’ll set it up. With luck, by then, we’ll be feeling more rested.