Autostage DTS in cars

has anyone integrated DTS Autostage with Spinitron meta data?? If you’re still analog/no HD and would like call letters/logo /content to display in new cars plus get driver/listener stats this could be cool. Just saw at NAB. Rych

Hi Rych, thanks for joining the forum.

I don’t think we have any experience dealing directly with DTS Autostage. The name was new to me yesterday. But…

We started to work with a company called Media Realm who provide software called MetaRadio, which supports DTS AutoStage as an output. There is a beta version of MetaRadio with support for Spinitron as an input. You can try it if you want and we would welcome your feedback.

MetaRadio may be of interest to stations using Spinitron anyway because:

  • it has much more sophisticated logic for controlling displays than we do with things like schedules, rotations, timers
  • lots of properly engineered output adapters for specific broadcast and IT systems (compare with our template system)
  • can aggregate multiple inputs
  • runs on a computer on your private network so you can more easily integrate it with systems on that network whereas Spinitron is on the Internet and needs to get in
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OK, I’ve heard back from ibiquity/Xperi/Autostage. Looks like we can use an HTTP:// GET or POST to feed them. They have sent me data ingest info, but am awaiting our user ID and custom address from them.

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