Automation software that works with Spinitron

Many automation systems integrate with Spinitron, see the list below.

Specific config instructions are in Spinitron in the automation control panel (Admin: Automation & API).

If your automation system is not listed here then contact us. It may be that we haven’t encountered that software before and we may be able to make it work.

  • AudioVAULT (Broadcast Electronics) requires an extra BE product called TRE with the Spinitron module, then you just tell it your Spinitron API key.

  • ENCO DAD requires the Playback State DCL. You need to set up a few config files. Alternatively you can use ENCO’s Padapult software.

  • iMediaTouch (OMT Technologies). We use the Internet XML commercial substitution output, which is a feature built in to iMediaTouch.

  • Megaseg (Fidelity Media). We use Megaseg’s logging feature, which can send messages to Spinitron.

  • NexGen (RCS). We use NexGen’s export feature.

  • PlayIt Live requires PlayIt’s Now Playing Plugin, which is simple to configure.

  • RadioBOSS ( You configure it to send HTTP requests to Spinitron.

  • RadioDJ has a Now Playing Web Export feature that we use.

  • Radiologik DJ has a feature to publish via a URL that is suitable.

  • Rivendell Open Source Radio Automation has a built-in feature to communicate with Spinitron.

  • SAM Broadcaster (Spacial Audio Systems) has no suitable built-in feature but it has PAL, a built-in programming language. We have a PAL script that provides integration.

  • Simian (BSI). We use its feature to publish streaming metadata.

  • StationPlaylist Studio has integration with Spinitron built in and is easy to configure.

  • WideOrbit Automaton for Radio can be configured to send now playing events as XML messages to Spinitron.

  • Zetta (RCS) has a Now Playing Export feature that we use.