Auto music recog sometimes thinks song and release are the same

I have noticed that in the last few months Spinitron auto music recognition sometimes gets confused and thinks the name of the album (release) is the same as the song. Why is this happening?

Hi Alan, thanks for joining the forum.

Idk. I would need to look at the specific examples in question. But I can hazard a guess: singles.

Automatic music recognition uses psycho-acoustic fingerprints. It’s based on models of what/how we hear, not on codes hidden in the music. The fingerprint should be the same no matter the format, be it vinyl, CD, cassette, MP3, etc. And it should work the same no matter what music comes before or after, indeed it should work on any modest segment of the recording (10 or 20 seconds).

Let’s say the fingerprint correctly identifies a song. What happens next? If that recording of the song has been released only once then clearly we can infer the release. But what if it was released first as a popular single or in an EP and then later in a similarly popular album? Idk.

The recognition service is provided by a company called ACR Cloud. How their system works to choose a release given a confident hit on only one song is a mystery to me. That strikes me as a tricky problem. It’s a FAQ for us so I imagine it is also for them. Maybe @Peng_from_ACRCloud can help us.

It can be confusing because the auto recognition often wants to “correct” a manual entry (replace it with information already entered about the track) but the sequence of information in the correction doesn’t match up with the sequence on the playlist.

What I mean is that the playlist entries, reading from left to right, are in this order: ARTIST - SONG - COMPOSER (if enabled) - RELEASE But when corrections pop up, the information is in this order: ARTIST - RELEASE - SONG So I always have to look twice to make sure that if I select the correction, it has the right song listed instead of the title track.

It seems like it should be easy to switch those around to make them match - preferably you’d switch the way the auto-correction is listed to ARTIST - SONG - RELEASE, since the fields in the playlist have been the same for a long time and are used more often. thanks, Sybil

Hi Sybil,

Are we talking about

a. Automatic music recognition? or

b. Suggestions while entering text into spin form fields? or

c. “Did you mean?” search that sometimes runs when you click submit on the spin form?

Hi Tom,

I’m talking about C: the “Did you mean” search that sometimes runs when you click Submit on the spin form. thanks.

Ok. I that case I think I can fix the order to be artist, song, release when all three are available.


That would be great, thanks!

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So did you get a chance to try to fix that? Because it’s still the same right now. Thanks. Sybil

How do you like it as of right now?

Next we wait see who complains that something changed.

I noticed this change and liked it! I’m glad that Sybil made this suggestion.