Ark player feedback

Hi @jsfleitz, thanks for joining the forum.

Can you give me the URL of the web page you use to start the player?

Hi Tom. We are not. A listener notified me that it worked. Here is the link to our playlist page: KCSM Community Stations | San Mateo, California

Yes, thanks for your quick response.

Hi @jsfleitz, there’s something wonky about the KSJD recordings. I don’t know what is causing it but I can see that the audio files are not the uniform size that they are supposed to be. It will take a while to figure out what’s to blame. It could be a lot of things.

Anyway, I set the system to trans-code the data to AAC, like I did with KNON. KSJD’s stream is also sampled at 22,050 Hz, which is a bit unusual. We’ll see what happens with that.

UPDATE: I’m seeing this error from FFmpeg

[mp3 @ 0x13936b60] invalid concatenated file detected - using bitrate for duration

And that sounds like it might explain the non-uniform file lengths. I may need to work this out with the station.

Okay thanks for your diligence. I will forward the email to my director at the station, Tom Yoder

I like that there’s a feature such as the Ark Player. I appreciate the functionality it provides, although I liked the application that preceded it on my local community radio station better. I can’t identify the old application because I never bothered to check the name or version-it just worked every time I used it so I never felt the need to dig into those aspects. This is a pretty nice feature of any application.

I was using Ark to listen to audio archives on KBCS 91.3 FM out of Bellevue, Washington. In the past, and again last night (January 9th,) I had trouble with Ark because it quit the archive broadcast I was streaming. In both cases it stopped just short of the 10 minute mark. I was listening around 6 PM Pacific time. The first time it quit I reloaded the page and started over. It quit again at the same point. I then closed the Safari window it was playing on (version 15.2) and tried on Chrome with the same outcome (version 96.0.4664.93.) This was done on an 2015 iMac running Monterey 21.1. I then tried listening to it on my iPhone 13 on Safari and it came through okay.

I hope you can use this information to identify the root source of the issue. If any further details are needed, please let me know.

Hi Tom. I see other stations are having the same problem still. I tested a show from last night, this morning and my show from this afternoon and all played through without trouble. I tried a show from last week and it still stuck, but new shows, at least for now, seem ok

NEWS – New archive stream server for you to test

The new server is beefy and a big investment in development effort. We are now trans-coding all streams to AAC and saving them in 1-hour long MP4 files.

We need your help testing it. Please.

  1. Go to

  2. Use the widget as shown


    The new server has been recording only since late Jan 12th so if you choose older dates, it won’t play.

  3. Reply to this message with your test results

    • Station, Date and Time chosen
    • What device did you use and what browser?
    • What happened? Did it play ok? For how long?
    • If on mobile, did it play with the screen locked or while using another app?

Please don’t just report bugs. We especially need to hear about working streams that didn’t work properly before.

The recordings aren’t complete. Some stations have unreliable stream servers and our recordings are only as good as what we can listen to over the net. For 1/13, WXNA, WNMC, WERA and KAOS have incomplete recordings.

Good morning Tom, I have been testing 2 hour shows since the 12th. All have played with no problems. I am testing now as well and am experiencing no issues. Thanks for all your hard work and for the ARK. Love it. It is too bad the time increments can’t be 5 minutes, but it’s a great tool for our listeners regardless. Thanks again. John with ksjd, Cortez CO

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I’ve been testing with KCSM and WZBC using Firefox on Windows 10. Both are stopping at the top of the hour. I’m investigating and experimenting.

I had the same experience yesterday with KCSM. Archive file 3:00 PM 1/13/21 stopped at 3:59:59 (tried twice). Oh yeah, Chrome Windows 10.

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OK, just to make sure here at ksjd, I am testing two shows. One on Android and one on Windows 10. I will let you know if they stop at the top of the hour.

Tested on Android and Google on Windows 10. Both shows played fine and did not stop at the top of the hour. ksjd

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I made a change on the server, setting the HLS segment size to 23 seconds. It had been 10s. Does that have some effect? I hope so.

Started at 9:00:00 Stopped at 9:59:59 Windows 10 EDGE browser

Started 10:00:00 Stopped 10:59:59 CHROME Windows 10

I started the 8:00 hour of the KCSM morning show on the player at about 9 and let it play off and on throughout the day. It played fine until just short of 10:00 on the player, at which point it stopped, and when I clicked the start/stop button it restarted over at 8:00. The other odd thing is that the time stamp on the player was about 10 minutes off the time stamp from the show’s actual playlist. I was listening on a laptop running Windows 10.

Tried KKUP 1/14/22 01:00:00 PM FIREFOX Windows 10 Did not play at all. Tried other stations KCSM & KPOO No play either.


FIREFOX Windows 10 Started at 7:00:00 AM player stopped 7:56 AM image

FIREFOX Windows 10 Started at 8:00:00 AM, player stopped at 9:00:07 AM image