Ark player feedback

Thanks for letting me know, Tom.

thanks for that clarification!

Your knowledge of the workings of browsers exceeds mine. I can say from my personal experience that I see plenty of pop-ups in my own web browsing. Also, might some browsers ban pop-ups that automatically pop-up still be OK with (not block) those that the web page visitor intentionally clicks on?

I’d be interested in hearing other station’s thoughts about that, would they prefer a pop-up Ark player that enables the listener to keep listening to the the archive even tho navigating to other pages on the station’s website?

Tom - any comment on this? Especially since our monthly fee will depend on hours and minutes of archive listening, I’d hate for my station to end up paying for someone to listen to lengthy blocks of our MegaSeg shuffle mix!

Any possibility of convincing you to alter the ARK icon that appears to the left of programs as shown in screen clip below? It is not legible – our listeners are not going to comprehend the large “A” followed by a tiny “R” and “K” one atop the other, followed by a thinly outlined play button that, in context, looks more like the Delta symbol. In fact, to the casual eye (and let’s face it, most visitors to our websites are looking with casual eyes) it looks like some sort of hieroglyphics! WOWD strongly suggests that you replace the ARK> with a simple large, and FILLED IN (black) PLAY BUTTON. That way, listeners who have no idea what ARK even means will know that they’re supposed to hit that PLAY BUTTON if they want to hear that previous episode. I understand you want to “brand” your archives as ARK, but there’s got to be a better place for that …



For some reason can’t get Ark to work on my ubuntu lappy. Chrome doesn’t show up in the applications using the soundcard when I’m trying to play it.

Just checked and Firefox, in contrast, does work.

Guess I’ll use firefox for listening then . . .

Tom, can you look into this … Go to and click on the Sept 22 CHECK IN TIME show (10 AM)… the archived episode will not play! The 8 AM show and the 12 Noon show for that same day DO play. Any idea of why that one show’s archive isn’t playing? Thanks!

-Steve H, WOWD

We don’t have a plan to limit archive access according to a schedule. It’s quite complicated to implement. And we don’t yet know that this is really a problem. If your programming during those hours is that bad, maybe nobody will listen.

Steve, we had a problem with recording your stream that mean some segments of it are effectively missing at about the rate of 3 in a hundred. I made a change to the recorder and the problem hasn’t recurred since then, which was about 2:30 pm on Thursday.

Your stream is the only one of the ten we are testing that uses AAC/MPEG4. The rest are MP3. So it’s taken some extra work to tune the recorder. Sorry about those missing chunks.

Hi Eric, I’ll be pleased if we can get the player to work in the most popular browsers and OSs. Chrome on Ubuntu is, I’m afraid to say, some way down the list. But I’m glad to hear that it works in Firefox.

Tom, would it be better for Ark if we sent you an mp3 stream instead of an AAC stream. We use an AAC stream for our live-stream (our engineers think it sounds slightly better all other things being equal). However, when we used RFA for archives we created a separate mp3 stream just for RFA (because they only accepted mp3). So perhaps we could send you an mp3 stream, separately, the way we did for RFA? Let me know if you’d advise this. (I wonder if we’re in a tiny minority of all Spinitron stations in using AAC for our live stream?)

Tom, Might there be another reason some stations would want to ability to exclude certain programs from archives? For example, stations may carrying syndicated shows that they’re not supposed to include in their archives because the syndication terms do not permit rebroadcasting. I don’t know if that is the case, but it’s not entirely far-fetched.

Needless to say, I don’t think our auto-programmed blocks of overnight programming are bad! I just never thought of them as worth archiving? Neither our home-built archives system nor the RFA system included them.

And I know of at least one other LP whose manager once told me they prefer to be able to pick and choose which programs are accessible via archives. (For example, maybe exclude a show that really sucked, or where offensive language was used.)

If it would be too complicated to implement exclusion of some programming blocks from the archives, we can live without that feature. I am simply giving you feedback about what we’d consider ideal. And perhaps some other stations have that same preference.


I would prefer to continue with AAC.

Scheduling what programming you want to archive and what not is complex to implement.

Hi Tom, We stream HEAACv2 and MP3. You have not confirmed which stream you are using but if you are using our AAC stream it obviously works!

We would prefer to pick and choose too, if possible.

WOWD is the only archive we are doing in MP3 file format.

I’m guessing we would use MPEG4 file format for HEAACv2 encoded audio. If so, it will probably work. The fix we made for MPEG4 Thursday last week has worked 100% since then.

I see a clear need for both MP3 and AAC (all its profiles) in MPEG4 but for this particular project I see no need for anything else. Is anybody live streaming exclusively in some other format?

The music stops after 5-10 minutes. The numbers keep moving like it is playing, but no sound.

Hi @C_W. Thanks for joining the forum.

What were you trying to listen to? Station, date, time

What were you using to listen? e.g. Mac, PC, iPhone, etc. Also what browser. If you know versions that would be great too.

I’m trying to listen to KNON 89.3fm this morning on my phone Samsung galaxy s20, I think is in the Google browser. I tried several programs on the station.

Thanks. Looking into it now. Might need to kidnap your phone to be able to debug it. This might be a Heisenbug, the kind where if you look at it, you disturb the state of the system and it changes.

Would you try something for me please? Play the archive and keep the display on with the web page displayed. For example, scroll up or down a little every minute or so (depends how your lock screen timer is set). Let me know if doing this keeps the archive running.