Are these playlists accessible always to listen?

Like to understand how to listen to the jam session 3/5/22 on wnmc fo-eva. Thank you!!!

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Hi Donna, thanks for joining the forum!

Recordings of programs older than 14 days are deleted but the most recent two episodes of Saturday Jam Session are available, including March 5th. To get there, you have options…

  • Start here: Program Schedule

  • If you click on Saturday Jam Session in the future (e.g. it’s Thursday now and I click on the upcoming Saturday episode) then you get the show’s page with a list of its past playlists, like this. Click the speaker button to start the player beside the episode you want to start the player.

  • Or you can click the link to the episode’s playlist (the blue text beside the speaker button) and you’ll find the archive player there too.

  • Or, if, from the program schedule you navigate backwards to a past episode of the program, and click that, you’ll end up on its playlist page too.

I’m able to play, but not navigate through the list or see what’s playing. I suppose I’ll reach out to the DJ because songs he played were from a live performance 2nights prior and I have no idea how to save or access those if I can’t save the actual replay on spinitron. Thank you for your reply!

Does this help…?

The playlist is kept for ever. The audio recording for only two weeks.

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Well, my goodness, if that video you just made me isn’t to coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Easily amused, I am :sweat_smile:. Thank you very much for that! (Gonna hafta figure out how to save it) :joy:. I have a new phone and it’s not displaying or responding to the things you are clicking on. Problem must be with my equipment. Still doesn’t solve the question of how to gain future access to those songs so I believe I’m going to have to check with Nick on that one. Thanks again… PS… how can I make your voice my “anything that speaks to me” voice without marrying you :grin: … have a wonderful day :blush:

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Hahaha, well, if that’s not working for you then bookmark these links in your browser

and take if from there.

The archive isn’t designed to make it easy for you to make illegal copies of the music. If you like something that Jen A or The Central Scrutinizer play so much that you want a copy, buy it! That’s what fans do, right?

If you want more of my voice, subscribe to my podcast Gas Giants, it’s free and I blather on and on for hours. Tomorrow’s new episode is a double feature, two movies reviewed for the price of nothing!

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