Archive recording loss around the new year

We lost some archive webcast recording audio files around the new year.

There is an error in FFmpeg, the software we use to make the recordings. As soon after the new year began, in UTC time zone, FFmpeg started writing files with the wrong file name. It writes them with timestamps in January 1st 2022 instead of 2023. Our software that automatically handles these files was not prepared for this error and it deleted these files, understanding them as being older then the two week limit we apply.

I just finished applying a hotfix to our software to rename these files, correcting the year in the file name. So the system should not now lose any more files but the ones that were already deleted are gone. For each webcast in the archive there’s a status page showing the available recordings, so you can view what’s been lost. URLs are in which STID is your station’s ID in the archive, e.g.

We are sorry this happened and apologize to you and your listeners for the disappointment of not being able to listen to those hours.