Albums marked with V/A in playlist don't show up in reports

This past week I clicked the “V/A” marker on several albums in my playlist. Now when I go to the reports page, none of those artists, songs, albums, or spins are showing up in the reports.

Hi @djfirefly , thanks for joining the forum.

Can you please give me a link to a playlist with some V/A spins that aren’t appearing in Report: Search & chart queries?

Hi Tom,

On this playlist, I marked 3 releases with the V/A tag. They are: “Femme House Vol. 2” (this appears 3 times) “Anjunadeep Explorations 25” “Artists To Die For Vol. 1”

I’m not sure if that link worked. It’s playlist number 18649714.

Hi @djfirefly. If you do a search for that day (March 6), all the songs you entered in your playlist are there, including the ones you marked V/A. The issue appears to be that the V/A field is disabled at the station - I guess it might have happened between your playlist entry and now - so that attribute is no longer visible in the search result.

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