Adjustable fields visible

I’m hoping to use the ID system to automatically build the logs. While release year and record label are nice details to have visible, they are not mandatory for our logging purposes. However, there is one detail that is mandatory for us, which is not visible without editing each song individually once they’re in the playlist. I want to make sure adding this detail is not forgotten. Since it’s not visible however, I foresee this being easily neglected. So…

It would be nice to have the ability to adjust what information is visible in the playlist edit pages, or alternately, have the option to automatically have all details visible…

Hi Sean, When Tom gets to this he will need to know which details you find are not visible. And define what you mean by visible. I have found that everything you enter in the form is visible, though to save space it is sort of coded. From your description of the detail it sounds like CanCon, or local (if you track that), or instrumental. Which means probably one of the fields you can rename… If you want help with some of the details we can do another zoom.

Yea, sorry --I was incorrect, the details I’m looking for are visible, but only if they have been entered…

It’s specifically custom fields for song and release (for us these are list selections: CRTC categories and normal/bg/theme play fields). However, since we’re using the identification system, these fields would need to be added by our programmers for the identified playlist items.

So while the details are shown there, it’s only after songs have individually been edited to add those details. Would really love to be able to add these fields without clicking the edit link for each one.

Hi @CJRU-PD thanks for joining the forum and for the suggestion.

Can you describe how you imagine the user experience for adding the values for these fields?

For example, you’ve got the playlist entry worksheet open in the browser? What’s different from now? What user actions do what?

Hi Tom. Happy to contribute!

Just to recap, CJRU has set up the music logging based on Arbie’s suggestions, so we have used the custom fields to specify details we require for our reporting. Most of the required details we have to add are adjustable after being logged as checkboxes, so can be adjusted with the click of a button and are, therefore, really quick to look through and make rapid edits to. However, there is one custom field we need to use that is ‘select’ from a list. By having this pulldown menus accessible at the click of a button too, would save our users from having to click edit and reload the page again for each item in the playlist.

Here are a couple screenshots to help understand. Note that I have the Release custom field as required for anything being added, meaning it is necessary for any items being added.

Again, we’re using the automatic-ID system and most of the other requirements are available in the playlist to be adjusted as necessary (i.e. the Hit, N, Instrumental, CanCon fields on each item). However, the Category field is only visible once it has been edited. Otherwise, we need to click edit to add it for every item.

As mentioned, I suspect it will be regularly overlooked and forgotten, meaning more work for me and more nagging for our hosts to go back to add the field with missing info…

So what you’re looking for is that a custom field of the type select (drop-down menu) should be editable in the playlist table. This would avoid the need to open the spin in the form, make the change and then submit and thereby save time and effort.

Does that sound right?

Yes, exactly.

From there, the playlist table might become a bit crowded if multiple custom fields are enabled/required… So, it might be worth making the columns listed in the playlist table customizable. As mentioned previously, we don’t need to report the Label nor Released fields, so I might opt to hide those to optimize the display space…