Adding schedule functionality with modal or tooltip

Hey Tom - Wondering if there is a way to add either tooltip and/or modal ability to the Spinitron schedule to display the image and description of the show. We have a full calendar of the schedule and we also have our own show guide. Our show guide is rather crude and I was looking for a way to incorporate these two pages of info into one. I’d code it on my end (should be a simple javascript) but I obviously don’t have the data access to be able to do so. Any chance of something like this happening? Thanks!

Pop-overs have largely gone out of fashion because they don’t work on touch screens, phones and tablets, which are now dominant. That’s why we haven’t implemented them.

As for modals, it could make sense but I’d have to be convinced it’s significantly better than loading a new page and then navigating back. Spinitron’s public pages are fast so the load time isn’t a problem. The practical difference then between a modal and a page is navigating back to the calendar. On my phone the system’s back button works for this. Not sure about iOS, which I dislike using.

Hey Tom - Thanks for the response! I’ve considered that tooltips don’t work as they used to but I have some folk that like/want the UI of show info on the same page without going to the separate page with all the playlist info.
I started to experiment with the full API to see what would be needed to roll my own but that will end up being on the back burner list. And I’m with you on iOS! lol