Add Option to Filter by Number of Spins

At Login it would be useful to have an option to sort by # of spins. Our use case would be primarily to sort ascending and cleaning up empty playlists that people create and not end up using.

Alternatively, it would be neat if, after a playlist is made and no song is added for x # of hours, to auto delete the playlist.

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I am interested in your second idea. What do other users think? Would it be ok to delete playlists that are empty, say, 12 hours after their end time?

But I’m curious how come this is such a chore in the first place. A few empty playlists cluttering up your history won’t impact many people but I can see how a lot would be annoying. But if that’s the problem, how come you’re dealing with a lot of empty playlists?

I don’t know if it is relevant for your issue, but playlists with zero spins can be good placeholders for the Archive.

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Eva makes a good point. If the problem is really the presence of duplicate playlists where one is empty then sorting my spin count may not help.