Ark player feedback

Listening this morning 9/18. KCSM 9/18/20 06:00 Microsoft Edge latest version Version 85.0.564.51 (Official build) (64-bit) / Windows 10 version 2004 up to date.

I can hear a minor disruption to playback every 5 minutes. I think you are aware of this. Otherwise player seems to be working fine. The little ARK logo/player is cute. Not sure listeners will know what it is.

Oh yeah, the 5 minute thing

Thanks! It’s back and better than ever!

I have various suggestions or questions - I will send each in separate reply

Is there a way to EXCLUDE certain shows from the Archives? WOWD has blocks of time where we play a random/shuffle selection of music from our Music Library and while we list those as shows on our Spinitron schedule (e.g., “WOWD Overnight” or “WOWD Music Library”) we really don’t want or need those to be archived.

Strongly suggest you replace the ARK> with a simple and solid PLAY ARROW … As it is, the 3 letters are just too tiny and the play arrow is hard to see. Find another place to put the “ARK” branding – e.g., the actual play widget needs some explanatory words anyway - it’s not self-explanatory … so right above or below it, write something like: LISTEN TO RECENT EPISODES ON THE “ARK” PLAYER …

But below, where you list RECENT shows, a simple PLAY ARROW (preferably SOLID, not just an outlined arrow) suffices - visitor to the web page will know that the PLAY ARROW signifies “click here if you want to play this episode”)

Ark seems to stop dead in its tracks when I navigate away from the page on which the Ark widget appears. Hopefully, there is a way to fix that either on your end or on our end! Please advise. This is high priority issue for us. We went to a lot of trouble with our prior archives to ensure the archive episode selected by the listener continued to play even if the listener navigated to a different page within our website. Help! Thanks!

Hi Steve,

It’s a web player. The audio player is part of a web page. Close the page and the player is gone.

If not a web player, what app should we use?

Also, was it different with RFA? If so, in what way?

Hey Tom,

This is great and thanks for all the quick work! It’s great to see this finally integrated in such a slick way :slight_smile: I was testing it out on the WOWD site and seem to be getting HTTP 403 errors from the streaming URLs about 50% of the time.

To reproduce this if you go to and then click the Play button on the widget, we get no sound and it looks like the URL is passing back a HTTP 403 / Forbidden status code. I’m in the latest version of Chrome on a Mac. I also had the same issue in Firefox as well.

Let me know if you want help reproducing it or troubleshooting and I’ll be glad to assist.

Thanks Matt Toigo

We’ve only got audio for WOWD beginning Wednesday 16th about 7pm. If you try to play an older segment, it won’t work. The software just assumes that the full two weeks is there, which, in the case of WOWD, will become more true over the next 10 days, assuming the above deal-breaker doesn’t.

Volume control

I just deployed an update that adds a volume control. Let us know how well it works. It doesn’t appear on mobile devices: use your volume rockers!

Other things

Keyboard shortcuts (like in Youtube web player) k to pause/play, m to mute.

Tried a fix for a bug in which the Ark play buttons are far too big.

And I changed the way the date/time dropdown values are generated. Let us know if there are problems.

Thanks Tom. I had thought I was browsing the schedule from earlier today, but didn’t realize it was last Tuesday. Also, I’ll chat with Steve about the request he mentioned and run him through why it’s likely not possible or something that would be on Spinitron to do.

Sorry my deal-breaker language was too harsh, I edited that out.

It was different from RFA because (as I understand it) the archives link on our home page opened up a separate window (from RFA’s website).

It was also different back in the old Spinitron v. 1 days when we used our own, home-grown, custom-made archive. But my IT expert told me that took a lot of extra IT work on our part.

I’ve seen some station websites where the archive player is a pop-up that remains there even as you navigate to other pages. (I believe I have, anyway).

So if there’s no feasible way to have that web player pop on every page with a station’s website, I guess we’ll just have to deal with it.


Another question from WOWD: I understand Ark will eventually be offered at 64kps, 96kps, and 128kps. Which stream bit rate are you using for the Beta?

(WOWD wants to go with the 128 kps stream when it’s officially launched.)


We can try using a pop-up window. It’s the only simple way to separate the player from browsing in the rest of the page. I hesitate to use pop-ups because I thought browsers pretty much ban them these days.

That’s not really the plan. For now we simply copy the audio data from your webcast. So an archive’s bit rate will be the same as webcast it’s made from.

We will be able to support more flexibility than this if there is demand for it.

It’d be great to be able to skip ahead (or back) to chosen points while listening. Other stations’ archived streams allow that.

Hi Kris, thanks for joining the forum.

Believe it or not, you aren’t the first to ask for that. The problem is that the archived stream you listen to must be non-interactive or the entire service including the live stream fails to qualify for the statutory webcast service. Seeking or skipping around in the archive stream is obviously interactive.

But we have something else in progress that I think will likely satisfy listeners more than a seek/skip interaction but we need to make progress on some other things before we introduce it.


Thanks for letting me know, Tom.

thanks for that clarification!

Your knowledge of the workings of browsers exceeds mine. I can say from my personal experience that I see plenty of pop-ups in my own web browsing. Also, might some browsers ban pop-ups that automatically pop-up still be OK with (not block) those that the web page visitor intentionally clicks on?

I’d be interested in hearing other station’s thoughts about that, would they prefer a pop-up Ark player that enables the listener to keep listening to the the archive even tho navigating to other pages on the station’s website?