Admin schedule does not match public schedule

Our admin schedule looks like this:

But our public schedule looks like this:

We added a new show but everything on the admin ends looks OK. The shows are where they’re supposed to be including the start dates.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Zeb, thanks for joining the forum.

I think you might be seeing the difference between the schedule and the public calendar. Does this help explain?

We see this between discrepancy with the pubic view and the logged in view. Tuesday at 5 pm a Saturday show pops up and one is at the same time.

We did just update our schedules, so not sure if it takes time?

Since there is a playlist for both shows, I am wondering if Carlos Sanchez did a show outside his scheduled time?

If the schedule as seen in the second image is correct then ignore that and look at playlists.

In the first image, is the playlist “La Mancha Carlos Sa…” not supposed to be there? If not then in the logged in view navigate to Playlist: Browse, find the playlist and edit it. In the form you will see the playlist’s date, time, duration and the DJ that owns and (presumably) created it. If there is an error then you can fix it or communicate with the DJ and get them to fix it.

I have no idea and I don’t recommend speculating about it if you have the option to investigate. Look at the playlists (ignoring the schedule) in the logged in view. If something’s wrong and you want to know what happened, ask the playlist owner.