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This web integration category is for discussions about using dynamic Spinitron content on your web site. This includes using

  • Spinitron pages in iframes
  • Widgets (now playing, current playlist, upcoming shows) in iframes
  • JavaScript widgets (now playing, current playlist, upcoming shows)
  • Custom stylesheets
  • Custom layouts

There’s a sub-category for questions specifically about using the API.

Station management, webmasters and web developers working on or with experience of integration projects use this forum to ask questions, share knowledge, solve problems.

Hi, WCOM is interested in web integration… can you share additional information about the process… ??
Engineering WCOMFM

Hey folks, I posted an iFrame of our Spinitron schedule and the played shows all are not showing the show name but mention after mention of the website. When you click on any it takes youth a playlist…that did play but not the name of the program.


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Hi @WPVM_103.7_fm , you can fix that. Under Admin > Automation & API in control panel check the box for :ballot_box_with_check: Use any scheduled show as template for an automation playlist. Let me know if you have any troubles with it.

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Thank you Eva, I will make this configuration change. Davyne

Well, that didn’t work, unless the change takes a while to happen. This is the iframe code I’m using.

It does take time.

Spinitron creates a playlist automatically when it needs to write a new spin to the database and no suitable playlist exists. The checkbox Eva mentioned affects how Spinitron creates the new playlists, it doesn’t affect the already existing playlists that are yellow in your screenshot.

This forum post explains Spinitron’s handling of recognition and automation spins in detail, including how it creates playlists.