Server maintenance outage this Saturday

On Saturday March 21st 2020 we will take Spinitron offline for a few minutes in order to migrate to new servers.

We plan to start the migration process around 10 am Eastern time. There will be a new notification in the app for all users on Saturday morning with more detailed schedule for the maintenance.

The Spinitron web app will be unavailable wile we do the migration. It should take only a few minutes but if something unexpected happens then it could take longer.

After the migration Spinitron will have:

  • New servers with more and faster processors, more memory and faster storage.
  • New autocomplete search engine that should be faster and provide better matches.

See also the topic: Server upgrade, IP address changes affect some automation and metadata push users

If you have a problem after the migration, please contact us here on the forum or send email to


Migration is done. We’re fixing issues as they come up. If you notice anything, please report it here or email

Thank you!